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The University of Cambridge Graduate Student Conference in History of Art will be held on the 12th and 13th of May 2011. The conference will cover the relationships between art and education over a wide geographical and chronological spectrum.

Keynote Speakers: Charles Saumarez Smith, Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts and former director of the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. Sir Christopher Frayling, Former rector in charge of the Royal College of Art and chairman of the Arts Council England.

Graduate speakers:

Andrew Amstutz (Cornell University), ‘Narrating the ‘Muslim Nation’ through Culture: Teaching Pre-Islamic Art in museums and textbooks’

Jocelyn Anderson (Courtauld Institute), ‘Collections in country houses’

Lara Benjamin (University of Edinburgh), ‘Between the Bauhaus and National Socialist art education’

Susanna Berger (University of Cambridge), ‘The Staging of Natural Philosophy in Early-Modern Classrooms’

Carl-Henrik Bjerstrom (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Radical nation building: Josep Renau and Republican agit-prop during the Spanish Civil War’

Colin Cavendish-Jones (St. Andrews University), ‘An Aesthete Apostle Abroad. Art, Aesthetics and Publicity in Oscar Wilde’s American Tour’

Elena Crippa (Tate), ‘Performance-Lecture: A Hybrid Form of Art and Education’

Kate Kilpatrick (University of Edinburgh), ‘Twenty Years at Edinburgh College of Art: Structure, Agency and Values in the Postmodern Art School’

Chen Liu (Princeton University), ‘The Codex Coner: architectural textbook without text’

Elizabeth Melanson (University of Delaware), ‘Elisabeth Greffulhe and the Exhibition of Modernism as a tool of International Diplomacy, Propaganda, and Education in France and Abroad, 1900-1914’

Halona Norton-Westbrook (University of Manchester), ‘Training the Art Museum Curators and Directors of the Early Twentieth Century: The foundation of Harvard’s “Museum Course” and the Courtauld Institute of Art’

Sam Rose (Courtauld Institute), ‘Roger Fry and Aesthetic Education’

Sarah Salomon (Technical University of Berlin), ‘Adaption, competition, opposition: The artistic and socio-political relevance of non governmental art education in Ancien Régime France’

Juliet Thorp (Royal College of Art), ‘From Darkness to Light: Post-War Painting at the Royal College of Art’

Elaine Williams (University of Birmingham), ‘Birmingham school of art’ Registration for the conference opens on the 12th of April.

To register, please email with ‘Registration’ as the subject, as well as sending a cheque for £10, made payable to ‘University of Cambridge’, to Hannah Malone, St John’s College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP, UK. Enquiries regarding other forms of payment should be addressed to hoa.graduate.conference2011@gmail.


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